Chispa Arizona workshop
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Participants in our Energy Equity Workshop in partnership with Chispa Arizona, Wildfire, and SWEEP

Vote Solar supports organizations working to build a base of energy advocates with community workshops on energy policy issues.


Supporting Community Power: Our workshops provide information about the current energy system, the transition to a clean energy economy, and how participants can be advocates for the transition they want to see in coordination with local organizations.

Sharing Community Wisdom: These workshops serve as a forum for communal knowledge sharing. Vote Solar staff learn from community members about local energy priorities and concerns, informing our ongoing advocacy with our partners for a more equitable energy system.

Meeting Community Needs: Our partners know best how to serve their community members. We flexibly adapt workshop content and structure to meet the needs of our partners.

Workshop Spotlights

Partner With Us

We’ve partnered with and contributed to workshops by organizations with a range of missions and sizes to offer workshops on energy policy and collective activism for a more just energy system.

We are open to ideas from partners on content, structure, and outcomes for the day(s). Our workshops range in length and are adapted to best fit the needs of partner organizations and the intended audience. We aim for co-creation in the process.

Vote Solar has the capacity to handle logistics, the bulk of curriculum/content creation, and bringing in expert speakers. We can also provide assistance for lodging and travel expenses for attendees as needed.

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We are always interested in connecting with organizations passionate about increasing energy literacy.

If you work with an organization interested in co-creating a community workshop, please email our Education Manager, Access + Equity, Brandy Hyatt at

NAACP Solar Equity Initiative

Energy Justice

How Vote Solar is working with equity partners to address historic injustices — and build a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and just clean energy future. (Pictured: NAACP Solar Equity Initiative)

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