Motorcycling Montana Book

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Motorcycling Montana Book

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The Book. The Comprehensive and Motorcycle-Friendly Guide to Motorcycling Montana.

Motorcycling Montana is the definitive and only motorcyclist’s guide to touring Montana. Nearly 200 routes in 500 pages of informative text, maps and photos in a spiral-bound 8.5″ x 5.5″ format. Fold it open and slip it into the map pocket on a tank bag or other storage compartment for quick and easy reference. Printed on uncoated paper stock to eliminate glare. Motorcycling Montana is organized along the state’s six tourism regions, delineated with handy “gatefold” dividers. Motorcyle-Friendly Format 500 pages of informational text, maps and photos in an 8.5″ x 5.5″ by format, spiral bound so you can fold it open at the page you need for quick and easy reference. We chose an uncoated paper stock for the book’s pages to eliminate glare in bright sunlight or artificial light. We also chose a type size and typeface for maximum readability. Organized for the Road The Motorcycling Montana guide book is organized and divided along the lines established by the State of Montana’s Office of Tourism. Six tourism regions have been designated with three spread across the state’s northern tier and three across the south. Handy “gatefold” dividers bound into the book delineate the regions.